Welcome to the original "The Stories of Rosamunde Pilcher" fan website.
This site was Authorized by Thomas Dunne, Rosamunde Pilcher's US publisher, back in 2000.
The busy things of life took it away for a time, but now it is back and much improved.
You will find lots of old favorite features, a few new ones, and room for contributions from you!

"You know you've read too much Rosamunde Pilcher when"

  • a small dusting of powder is all you think you need for makeup.
  • you want a garden you can sit in. And you want a gardener. Preferably one who paints on the side or has some mystery about him.
  • it gets a little nippy inside and you go searching for the paraffin heater.
  • getting to your house includes going over the bridge, up the slope, where the drive is bordered on both sides by rhododendrons, before you reach the wide cobble stoned yard where the main house sits, overlooking the sea.

These are only a sampling of the many submissions to this list that were sent in back in the early years of the website. The rest can be found HERE! I invite you to submit yours via the Contribute page!


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