News article from 2000

Rosamunde Pilcher: The surprising confession of the best selling author

  August 2000
Originally from Germany's "The New Magazine"
translated from German for us by Dagmar of Austria.
Thanks so much Dagmar!

Statistically every second German home must have a book by RP in it´s bookshelf, 11 million of her books were sold alone in this country. But who is the woman who writes such romantic love stories? The best seller author, who could afford every luxury and live an eccentric life like Barbara Cartland once did, says about herself: "I am a housewife who writes romances!" And she even looks a little bit like a normal housewife. No sign of exclusive fashion, no palace, no expensive designer furniture. She more likes to welcome her guests in corduroy trousers and cardigan than in a fancy dress. Her house in Scotland´s Longforgan is a normal bungalow, furnished typical English: flowered wall paper, fireplace and chairs embroidered with roses.

1. The author starts her day with tea and marmalade toast at the lovingly laid breakfast table

"In former times we had a cottage in Cornwall" the author says. "It has become too big for us, we don´t need so much space anymore". When she says "we" she means herself and her husband Graham (84). They have been married for 54 years now. About her marriage RP says: "This is the hardest job of my life!" Nevertheless RP has a recipe for her long and happy relationship: "We allow each other to be independent!" Especially surprising is her confession: "Actually we don´t have any common interests. I like to write and knit. Graham loves golf and goes hunting. We don´t even go for a walk together. But there is something good about it: we have always something to talk about." And when he sometimes takes things too far, she lets her anger out working in the garden.

2. A place for leisure hours: RP likes to sit in this flowered chair.

But her "Scottish Macho", how she calls Graham with a little twinkle in her eyes is also her greatest fan and the former jute trader doesn´t envy her the success at all. Meticulously he collects every article about his wife and reads critics attentively. And he has the cranky habit to leave his hearing aid somewhere and then he only hears what he is interested in. Graham Pilcher never accompanies his wife on her many journeys in order to read from or sign her books. RP on the other hand loves to travel and have contact to her mainly female readers.

3. RP doesn´t think much of modern technics - a computer - she writes all her stories on an electric typewriter.

"Always when I am away Graham takes the advantage of playing golf all the time." the author laughs. "But mostly one of our children is here to keep him company." Her four children play a big role in the life of Britain´s famous writer: Fiona (52), Robin (50), Pippa (47) and Mark (42) are regular guests in Longforgan and bring her 14 grandchildren with them. And then there is chaos in the bungalow!

4. In the evening the Pilcher's like to have a whisky at the fireplace.

5. "Hot-water bottles are the best invention" RP says. It belongs to her
night rituals like combing and brushing teeth.

6. Graham Pilcher is a real gentleman. He changes before dinner and appears always in a suit. At the moment he is recovering from a hip operation. But soon he wants to play golf again.

RP even transferred the proceeds of her books "September" and "Coming Home" to her children to give them security for their lives. And for her grandchildren she paid in education funds. It is a reassurance for her to know that her children and grandchildren are financially safe because she had to earn the living for her family after the II World War among other things by struggling to sell her short stories. By that way her career began over 50 years ago. Her newest romance "Winter Solstice" is already on place 6 of the best seller list. It is about late happiness and love in older age. Her 18th book is said to be her last. Let´s hope that this is only a "sales gimmick".