News Article from 2004

Queen of Trash

Originally from    September 22, 2004
and in German translated by Google, fine-tuned by Sandy

80 years ago: Rosamunde Pilcher was born

"September is the month, in which the life is most intensive in the Scottish high country. Now, before the grey winter begins, colorful shooting parties and balls are organized ", as it's described in Rosamunde Pilcher's novel, "September". "I wanted to describe completely exactly the society in which I live", said the best-selling authoress, who was born on 22 September 1924 in Lelant in the English county Cornwall. After graduation she tells us, in 1942, she worked as a secretary to the war service to the Marine. Then she worked it at the State Department. After the war, she returned to Cornwall and became acquainted with the textile entrepreneur Graham Pilcher, whom she married 1946. They live in the Scottish town of Dundee.

Apart from her activity as housewife and Mother of four children, she writes short stories for women magazines - in the kitchen: "at the beginning of my marriage, writing was a kind of escape into another world. I could day-dream, write the future." Her writing saved her marriage. Her breakthrough moment came at the age of 63 years, when in 1987 her family saga "the Shell Seekers", appeared. Her novels have titles like "Wild Mountain Thyme", "interrelation of the love" and "End of Summer". As the first of 40 Pilcher programs filmed by the Second Channel of German Television 1993 the book "The Day of the Storm" included the original English scenes. In Germany there are up to seven million Pilcher film viewers! The world-wide book and film success trigged a tourist boom in the southwest of England. But in 2002, Pilcher received the price of the British tourism authority.

"My success secret is good luck", says Pilcher, "with 'Shell Seekers' I obviously chose the correct time." She writes no more long sagas, says the 45 (euro) Millionaire. "Calling it trash, does not affect me. I believe nevertheless that I have a good style." That finds also her niece, princess Marissa to Bentheim Tecklenburg, who lives on loch Rheda in east Westphalia. Even if the German press calls it "related by marriage", Aunt "Queen of Trash", writes "very authentically". Rosamunde Pilcher calls it "light reading for intelligent ladies".