News Article from 2003

Rosamunde Pilcher: The Woman Behind the Stories

Originally from     November 9, 2003
in German, translated by Google

Their novels of lives, wrong and love made them one of the most successful authoresses of the present: Rosamunde Pilcher. Grew up the authoress in one of the most beautiful areas of England, in Cornwall.

The wild-romantic landscapes approximately around Cornwall coin/shape Rosamunde Pilchers stories: Magnificent countryseats, ducked stone houses, the smell of wild flowers and a singular cliff landscape. There the authoress finds the inspiration to her success novels. For many years the books of the nearly 80-year old stand on the international best-seller lists.

In the circle of its extended family Rosamunde Pilcher lives withdrawn on a lock into Scotland. Here it writes its novels.

Rosamunde Pilcher created the international break-through 1987. Its family NSA gas "Die Muschelsucher" and "September" reached point places in the best-seller lists. After these successes published also earlier novels of the authoress as "Lichterspiele" and "Stuermische Begegnungen". "Ende of a Sommers" followed; and "Heimkehr" - with these books Rosamunde Pilcher conquered the hearts of its readers in the storm. 1992 became it with the "Goldenen Feder" as "Autorin the Jahres" distinguished. For the "erfolgreichste series of novel filmings in the German Fernsehen" it received the "Goldene Kamera" to 1998.

Success without "Sex and Crime"

The success of the Rosamunde of Pilcher novels gave up to literary critics mysteries: Why their homeland novels without "Sex and Crime" come; and social criticism out? Their stories are coined/shaped by idyl, naive innocence and schlichtheit, play however by no means a sound world. Behind their Protagonisten are fates, which the authoress projecting SAM tells and with much heart warmth. By its special telling style Rosamunde Pilcher achieves the most different reader layers. The fans of the authoress are interested in the life "ganz of the normal Leute", as Rosamunde Pilcher expressed it once. Since 1993 the Second Channel of German Television Rosamunde of Pilcher films radiates, altogether was nearly 50 filmings to be seen. Thus it became a million-public in Germany admits.