You Know You've Read To Much Rosamunde Pilcher When...

  • You name your house and use the name as your address.
  • You wish you had Athena Carey-Lewis's metabolism.
  • You wonder how come you never get to inherit any large run-down estates (in Scotland)!
  • You wish you could find someone British to tell you what a "Cornish pastie" and a "marquee" are.
  • You're not quite sure what an "Aga" is but you know you need one!
  • You wish a large storm would suddenly descend and somehow resolve all your inter-personal problems.
submitted by Megan Scott
  • You long to wear cotton dresses everyday.
  • Long walks in the damp, on a lonely, sandy beach, with difficult climbs to and from it, seem attractive.
  • You find yourself waking up early on your own, and always feeling wonderfully refreshed.
  • No matter what happens you think, "A cup of tea will be just the thing!" Even when you *don't* drink tea!
  • Boarding schools sound fun.
  • Corduroys suddenly sound attractive.
  • You are filled with pangs of jealousy because you weren't the type to develop from a tall gawky girl into a tall slender beauty. (I just stayed short and I'm still a bit gawky!)
  • A small dusting of powder is all you think you need for makeup.
  • You find yourself carefully inspecting all gardeners you meet.
  • Dark, silent Scots become your manly ideal.
  • When you go to the beach, you are magically in a bathing suit, without having to change.
  • You find yourself saying, "I need a break. Maybe I'll pop over to London next week and go shopping."
  • You change your mind, and decide that it would be worth the discomfort of wearing high heels, to look even a little bit like Diana Carey-Lewis!
  • From the hot and humid tropics to the fog of London to the grey cliffs of the Scottish coast, if Rosamunde writes about it, we wanna go. Cornwall, we would want to go to anyway.... Right?
  • You look at old ladies with their adult children in a new light.
  • Christmas in England is really the only way to celebrate. Why do we even bother in the States?
  • After eating a boiled egg with butter and some toast by firelight, I'll go to bed.
submitted by Tai Li Anderson
  • You find yourself referring to the patch of lawn that you put your wooden clothes dryers on the "drying green".
  • You salivate when you think of Cornish pasties.
  • every time you see whitecaps you think of "sun pennies" and "galloping horses".
  • You'd give anything for "thick, thirsty expensive writing paper" that you can use to scrawl hasty messages to people who will be very impressed that you wrote at all. With a fountain pen, of course.
  • You want a garden you can sit in. And you want a gardener. Preferably one who paints on the side or has some mystery about him.
  • You think of dinner entries as a "nice bit of" something.
  • You start checking out the hands of men you know to see if you can figure out what "spade-tipped" fingers look like.
  • You switch from coffee to tea and drink it more often.
  • You take baths more. Not for cleanliness, but to soak and "refresh" yourself.
  • You douse yourself in "scent". Particularly Chanel No.5 or Poison. And if you've never smelled Chanel No.5 or Poison you hunt in stores that carry expensive perfumes to catch a whiff.
submitted by CĂ©leste perrino Walker
  • A co-worker says "Is this right?" and you answer back automatically "Right as rain!"
  • You call a baby stroller a "perambulator".
  • You call fish sticks and french fries "fish fingers and chips".
  • You go to "jumble sales".
  • You call your car trunk a "boot".
  • You search for a scrubbed pine table for your kitchen.
  • You have a burning desire to live in a cottage in Cornwall.
  • You want a martini before dinner.
  • It gets a little nippy inside and you go searching for the paraffin heater.
  • You find yourself adding cordoruy to your wardrobe.
  • You refer to vacuuming as "Hoovering."
  • You write with a Biro.
submitted by Renee Manske
  • You spend a weekend shooting Grouse.
  • You wear a jersey and wool skirt to work.
  • You spend far too much time walking the beach, looking at water, and painting pictures.
  • You drink pots of tea, made by a housekeeper (who must be at least 60 yrs old and have problems with her legs).
  • You have several friends over, frequently, who are named Isobel or Violet.
  • You crave an afternoon of shopping and lunch in London.
  • You enter a busy establishment, and "take your place in the queue."
  • You "lift the snib" of the garden gate.
  • You arrive at a dinner party in Kensington and are given a Scotch and soda, and the hostess says "Hello, Darling! So gorgeous to see you! Isn't that rain just ghastly? Come in and meet some of my favorite people in all the world!"
  • You begin to refer to the hallway as the "passage" to the "loo."
  • Someone you love hurts you, you're "Meant to be angry" but perhaps you're not ..."I don't know what I am meant to feel, really."
  • Getting to your house includes going over the bridge, up the slope, where the drive is bordered on both sides by rhododendrons, before you reach the wide cobble stoned yard where the main house sits, overlooking the sea.
submitted by Michele Deppe
  • you go out and buy Yardley's Lavender Soap.
  • you start craving scrambled eggs for dinner.
  • you find yourself looking for "Famous Grouse" whiskey at the liquor store.
  • you are embarrassed to go to the counter at your local bookstore, with three more RP novella's in your hand, when you were there just last week buying some others!
  • you rationalize that it is okay to have a "little snack" at 4:00 in the afternoon, because it is "just tea time".
  • you find yourself eating much more lamb than you used to.
submitted by Jennifer Humphreys
  • Today is a beautiful warm day here in Pa. I went outside and pegged some clothes on the line. It is a little to early to get out my secataurs and pecataurs (what are these exactly?) and do some gardening. Now if I only had a burn on my property and could hear a curlew!!
submitted by Avis Keener
  • On New Year's Eve you are starting to read Winter Solstice for the fifth time in one year!
  • When you can be your own person with your own style and still end up living with a man like Oscar Blundell!
  • When no matter how dark the horizon is, the new day will dawn with a brighter future!
submitted by Sheryl Eckerman